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Hello and welcome to Kousei City! Here you'll find everything you need to know to get started with us as well as to remain informed. From Announcements to The Rules and of course The Plot, we also have a Q&A forum to solve any question we didn't answer in the Cbox.
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Here you'll find everything character related, you can create characters, factions and properties in the creation subforum, and review the existing ones in the archive subforum.
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Because we're someone sitting behind a screen writing, let's get to know each other and grow as a community!

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Four grand islands and thousands of small ones and atolls make Kousei Islands prefecture, the diversity in heights and shapes give them very different climates and different attractions bring tourists and researchers alike.
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Beyond the beautiful blue ocean is the rest of our world, America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania. Beyond the clear blue sky is the space, its host of stars, planets, galaxies, all awaiting for you.
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Factions throughout the world have their special locations, once you join a faction, you get access to their base forum where private plotting and RPing can happen, as well as faction exclusive events.
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